Purify the air safely and relievedly with GINKGO LEAF extracts
Aller Sweep TS



Air purifier, Air conditioner, Car air-conditioner etc.


Flat sheet, Pleats processing, Combination with dust collection filter medium

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■Feature 1 GINKGO LEAF and naturally derived extracts inhibit harmful substances from the action.
This is a human-friendly filter from naturally derived ingredient.
GINKGO LEAF extracts are safe natural ingredient which has been used for medication and health food in Europe for a long time.

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■Feature2 4 functions in only one sheet!

Anti-bacteria Anti-fungi*1 Anti-virus Anti-allergen
Test method JIS L 1902 JIS Z 2911
(Dry way)
Virus inactivation test ELISA method
Test specimen Escherichia coli
Staphylococcus aureus
Klebsiella pneumoniae
4 types of
mixed spores
Influenza A virus
Cedar pollen allergen
Mite allergen
Test organization KAKEN TEST CENTER
General Incorporated Foundation
Japan Food Research
Laboratories Center
Permaceutical Co,LTD

*1 Use of synthetic substance to impart anti fungal capability (This is eliminable when anti fungi effect is unnecessary)
*2 Test report issued number No.14010745001-01

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