A special-thin paper membrane made with papermaking technology, enables both ventilation and ECO!
Total Heat Exchange Element



Energy recovery ventilator

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An total heat(temperature and humidity)exchange element with special thin paper membrane, that is made with our unique tissue papermaking technology.
By its characteristic of special thin paper membrane(Gas barrier, Moisture permeability, Thin membrane), exhaust air and supply air will not be mixed. It enable to collect the energy from return air(temperature and humidity) to supply air effectively.

■Comparison of our and conventional product

Our total heat exchange paper(0.04mm)
  • Since this is the thin paper membrane with moisture permeability, temperature and humidity exchange efficiency is high.
  • The fine structure will prevent to mix the exhaust air and supply air.
    (Dirty return air will not leak)

■Product specification, Element dimension

■Paper data

Paper type - ER-03E (Normal model) ER-03D1 (High-end model)
Basis weight g/m² 36.3 48.7
Thickness μm 39 47
Moisture permeability g/m²・24h 200 940
Air permeability sec 840,000 1,700,000
Frame retardant - Conformable with UL-94 VTM-0

*This data is measured after controlling humidity under 23℃50%RH.

■Core data

Dimension mm L280×W280×H320 L280×W280×H320
Paper type - ER-03E(Normal model) ER-03D1(High-end model)
Height of cell mm 2.0 2.0
Air volume m³/h 100 200 400 100 200 400
Pressure drop Pa 47 115 324  35 75  184
Temperature exchange efficiency Cooling % 82 75 67  91 83 71
Heating % 80 76 67  90 82  71
Total heat exchange efficiency Cooling % 59 47 37  77 65  52 
Heating % 71 62 52  74 66  56 

*Evaluation standard: Complies with JIS B 8626 test method for total heat exchange equipment
*This is sample data for reference and will not guarantee the quality.
  Performance can be changed by its use condition.

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