Filter dedicated to deodorization, fully filled with activated charcoal
Activated Charcoal Filter



Air purifiers, Cigarette smoke extracting machine, etc.

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■Feature 1   Filling with large amount of activated charcoal, powerful deodorization capabilities come true

■Feature 2   Customize to an optimal specification according to the use Using the special impregnated charcoal according to the use, we can cope with various odors. Such as specialization to the deodorization of Kitchen Odors, Cigarette Odors and so on. Please feel free to tell us your request.

<Target odors>

Cigarette odors: Acetaldehyde/Ammonia/Acetic Acid
Toilet odors: Methyl melcaptan/Tri-methyl amine/Ammonia
Exhaust gas: Nitrogen oxide(NOx)/Sulfur oxide(SOx)/Butane
Garbage Odors: Methyl sulfide/Hydrogen sulfide/Tri-methyl amine
VOCs contained in new building material:Formaldehyde/Toluene/Xylene
Other foul odor gases: Isovaleric acid etc.

■Capabilities example of customized filter

Test items Filter capabilities
Initial deodorization(JEM1467) 100%
Durability(JEM1467) More than 10 years
Initial pressure drop 25Pa(5m³/min)
Amount of activated charcoal 170g
In the case of…
Filter size: 370×230×10(mm)
Activated charcoal:170g filled

The data above is for a reference, and this doesn’t guarantee a specification of a product.

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