Silver Nano-particle Ink

Silver Nano Particle Inks

* Easy to handle and eco-friendly aqueous ink; containing uniformly
  dispersed silver nano particles of approximately 20 nm in diameter

* Compatible with a variety of industrial printheads, smooth shift from
  R&D to production stage environment

* Easy to test conductivity with inexpensive home printer or
  Circuitry Marker, a pen loaded with Silver Nano particle ink

transmission electron microscope image of the ink

[ Product Lineup ]

Product Name MSDS Corresponding Printhead Content Remarks 
NBSIJ-MU01 Universal Type: Home printers 100ml -
NBSIJ-FD02 Dimatix Materials Cartridge
Manufactured by
FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc.
50ml -
NBSIJ-KC01 KJ4B Inkjet Printhead
Manufactured by
KYOCERA Corporation
1L Special cleaner solution available
Circuitry Marker  - - Pen type
Circuitry Marker
Media Bundle Kit 
- - -  Five Circuitry Markers
Five sheets of each medium

* Please Contact us for compatibility details of high speed,
  high resolution industrial printheads or testing procedure with home

* Please note : Printing on other substrate such as glass, PCB,
  polyimide film other than Special media results in poor adhesion and
  no conductivity.